You cannot out-stare an owl!

We caught a great horned owl peering into the window of our home office yesterday.  This photo is taken through the window and we took several shots over a couple of hours.  The only movement we could discern in that time was rotation of the owl’s head to look different directions.

For several years, a pair of owls nested in a giant ponderosa pine that stands near the house.  One summer, they went about the business of raising their young in spite of backhoes, cement trucks, electric saws and nail guns from the construction crew who were working on an addition to the house directly below them.

Can this owl be considering that same ponderosa pine?  We have had several sightings of the pair in various locations in the cottonwoods up and down the creek bottom, but have not been able to pinpoint a nest as yet.  We are hopeful they will consider the pine tree once again.

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