Searching For Dirty Harry

. . . hey guys, what’s for lunch?

We’re off to find our long lost friend, Dirty Harry.  He was our constant companion, begging for three squares a day and then some.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and would plant his feet on the railing, glare fiercely, shake his head and squawk out a major scold.  Then he would squat and leave his calling card, which after a few days, had to be scraped off.  Which is how he came to be known as “Dirty Harry.”  He seemed to know our comings and goings, and as we returned from an outing, Harry would alight on the railing within minutes.  He knew what time to show up for breakfast and dinner, and would wait patiently (or impatiently), shifting from one leg to the other, fluffing up his feathers and bobbing his tail.  We’re on our way, Harry, and we’ve got a stash of granola bars, just for you!!!

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