Longhorn Terrafirma

Come any closer and I’ll have your nose! . . .

Rosie and Abe, the longhorn calf, are having a standoff in the front yard.  Abe seemed playful and pranced around a bit, trying to lure Rosie into a little romp.  She was having none of it and planted herself firmly on the ground as if to say, “no trespassing on my turf!”

Now where did I leave my tail? . . . .

Abe grew bored with trying to interest Rosie in a little fun, and decided to undertake a little grooming.  Surely she would pay attention if I spruced up a bit?

Mom’s new boyfriend . . . .

Abe and his mother Jezebel are visiting the neighbor’s Longhorn bull for a couple of months, and next year we hope there will be another beautiful calf from this pairing.  This guy seems quite docile and gentle, but his horns give one pause to think before approaching him.

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