Wyoming Sunsets – Like Nowhere On Earth

So many lovely layers to choose from . . . .

Walking at dusk to change the water on some new cottonwood trees, and noted this gorgeous sky.  Had to run back to the house for the camera.  Sunsets change rapidly and I was able to capture the best of this before it began to fade.

The greatest art can be found in nature . . . .

After shooting the sunset, I was amazed to look directly up into the sky to find yet another unbelievably beautiful layer of color distinct and apart from the horizon where the sun was going down behind the hills.

The sky aflame . . . .

Several major wildfires filled the sky with smoke early in July, and the sun is shrouded in smoke.  It is rare to capture a fiery ball in the western sky, as the lack of humidity and normally clear skies results in a more diffused sunset.

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