A Day In The Life Of Fannie and Freddie

The birds need to get busy and scatter more seed! . . . .

Freddie the field mouse and his mate, Fannie, have set up housekeeping under the rocks beneath the bird feeders.  A perfect location for catching a bounty of spilled sunflower seeds, the happy couple are cool and comfortable in their new digs.  There are, however, a few challenges.

I’ll just wait here a little longer for them to appear, and then lunch! . . .

Mr. Mouse, the family barn cat, has spotted the activity around the bird feeder and crouches over the entrance to mouse heaven as he waits for an opportunity.  He waits, and waits, and waits . . .

Guineas are the most inquisitive, nosy creatures in the yard, and this one cannot resist interfering with Mr. Mouse’s quest to catch Fannie or Freddie.  After a peck or two and noisy squawks from the guinea, Mr. Mouse leaves in disgust to search for another opportunity.

Whew! Glad that nasty cat and the guinea are gone – now back to work . . . .

Fannie checks for the all clear and scurries back inside to alert Freddie that if there is going to be dinner on the table, he had better get back to his job of gathering sunflower seeds!

These pesky seeds are spilling everywhere! . . . .

An inverted pinon jay dives between the rocks for a seed he is trying to crack open with his long beak.  While he’s at it, he’s scrounging for the stash of seeds Fannie and Freddie have been collecting, and there is going to be trouble in mouse haven.  What is a mouse to do?

Don’t you dare darken my doorway again, you big bully! . . . .

It looks like a Mexican stand-off, and Freddie is determined to hang onto his turf.  The pinon jay will just have to try to spring a few seeds from the bird feeder above, and a few will likely shower down on mouse haven.  Mutual cooperation in the wild kingdom leads to benefits for all!

My oh my, what a bounty! . . . .

And so, another day in the life of Fannie and Freddie. Stay tuned for more adventures in the wild kingdom!

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