Western Frontier Time Share Available

Modern kitchen with wood burning stove . . . .

Don’t wait, demand is great!  This charming homestead cabin, circa 1920, has tons of atmosphere and character.  Constructed of “square” logs (rounded edges peeled off) from the historic Mayoworth sawmill, it has the original chinking and is finished with cedar shingles on the exterior.  It affords the coziest environment for discriminating guests.  Rates are unbelievably low, and guests should arrive prepared to “pitch in,” to use a western phrase, and work for bed and board.

They don’t make ’em like this anymore!

Just think of the family fun as you gather ’round to saw, hammer, haul, nail, pry, scrape and fulfill your dreams of life on the western front.  Evening campfires will be filled with cowboy music and the occasional rip roaring “Powder River, Let ‘Er Buck,” which is a spontaneous eruption from the locals after a few bottles of the finest selection of beverage (Coors Original) and camaraderie that evolves among the “just plain folks” that will be gathered around.

To preserve your little piece of this great Western experience, just show up.  No reservations required.  Dry Fork of the North Fork of Powder River.  Wyoming, of course.

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