Evening Sky

Another day, another sunset . . . .

Fly me up into the clouds . . . .

Autumn glory . . . .

September evening skies are extraordinary.  I glanced out the kitchen window and saw this sunset unfolding.  Since the evening sky changes from moment to moment, I had to run for the camera to capture it.  It seems there is never time to set up for the right shot, or moment.  Photography is a little like golf–intermittent reinforcement interspersed with frustration at lost opportunity!



3 thoughts on “Evening Sky

  1. “…intermittent reinforcement interspersed with frustration at lost opportunity….” – those are a lot of eloquent words to replace a healthy “dammit.”


    • I’ll do my best to deliver not only great skies, but great pies. Uncle Jimmy insists on hosting all of us at his house – more new renovations to share with everybody–but we will have lots to eat and will make merry here as well. Think of some good movies we can rent!


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