Vole Eviction

“some dirty rotten creep stole the roof off my house!” . . . .

We recently moved a pile of old roofing tin that came off the chicken house, and lo, underneath was a maze of little tunnels created by a pair of short-tail voles.  They had created quite an elaborate home, burrowed down in the grass safe from predators and the coming winter weather.  They seemed  surprised to have the lid of their home lifted up so abruptly and did not immediately run away.

“my cover is blown! . . . . I must keep searching” . . . .

Veronica Vole and her husband Reggie have been evicted, it seems, since no self-respecting vole would live under the open skies.  Time to dig a new tunnel underground where a roof seems more certain.

“no time to waste – we’re blowing this joint!” . . . .

Farewell, little furry friends.  We’ll see you around, I’m sure!

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