A Rose of Another Color

"Did you see what Bleu just did to me?" . . . .

“Did you see what Bleu just did to me?” . . . .

Rosie is one of my best friends and a constant companion wherever I go, whether in the house or outdoors.  On a recent visit inside she had to endure the attentions of Bleu, the in-house cat (not to be confused with Mouse, the outhouse cat).  Bleu is always the extrovert in these situations, and rubs up against Rosie, sniffing every inch of her, and generally making a nuisance of himself in her eyes.  She stifles her instincts to nip, herd, chase and generally whomp on this cat who has the effrontery to approach her in such a familiar way.  None of my photographic attempts to capture Bleu in the act survived the “delete” button, but this shot of Rosie seems to express a mixture of patience, latent scorn and beseeching appeal to remove “that cat” from her presence, “puleeeeze!”

"I'm just keeping your lawn chair warm for you!" . . . .

“I’m just keeping your lawn chair warm for you!” . . . .

A better mood prevails here as Rosie sunbathes in my ancient patio chair.  From the look of her nose she could use some sunscreen!  On one of our trips to the vet I asked what I could put on her nose that would: a) protect her from sunburn; b) wouldn’t lick off; c) wouldn’t make her sick; d) would’t have to be applied 20 times a day. The vet shrugged and suggested the only thing he could think of was a tattoo.  I never have figured out if he was being serious or not.

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