Springtime in Wyoming

Washerwoman blues . . . .

Washerwoman blues . . . .

Only a darned fool optimist would dare to hang clothes on the line in Wyoming in April, 2013!  We have had three major snowstorms and as I look out the window at the drifts piled up, all I can see is more winter.  We had four days of spring-like weather early in the month, which was just enough to fool us into believing we could get on with major outdoor cleanup projects and activities as innocent as hanging a few old cleaning rags on the line.

Hope springs . . . .

Hope springs . . . .

The metal frame of an ancient cot was caught in the last winter storm.  It was recently tossed out of one of our homestead cottages (circa 1915) that has been undergoing a long, drawn out restoration.  The sides fold down, however I left them extended so that I could pile a few more items on top temporarily.  When skies looked threatening and flurries started coming down, we hurried to relocate all the “stuff” piled on top. Nobody had any ideas for where to stash the old cot, so here it still sits waiting for its next assignment. The fluffy mattress of snow looks inviting.

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