Trying Times for Trees

bruised and broken . . . .

bruised and broken . . . .

Our fruit trees took a hit from a feisty longhorn steer recently.  Even though we had wrapped a protective wire cage around them, it didn’t suffice.  As we surveyed the damage (and muttered dark threats of dire outcomes for Abe’s destructive behavior) we decided to patch up this little apple sapling with the only thing at hand–vet wrap.  If we could hold the broken tip together for awhile, it might regrow, which was a better option than cutting out the top of the tree.  Abe doesn’t seem to understand that a wire fence means “no!”  Major reinforcements of wire and steel posts were installed, and so far Abe has been unable to breach the fortifications.

the Abe strikes again! . . . .

the Abe strikes again! . . . .

Not long after the fruit tree calamity, we left the gate to the backyard open and Abe the Innocent could not resist coming in for a look (and a taste).  We found this burr oak sapling in tatters with most of the leaves removed and the top broken.  More vet wrap to the rescue, more mutterings and idle threats of turning Abe into hamburger.  Since we were guilty of leaving the gate open, we decided to give him one more chance.

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