Long Horn Baby is a Dandy!

there's a new guy in town . . . .

there’s a new guy in town . . . .

A new life has been added in the neighborhood which created lots of excitement.  Feed Lot a.k.a. Abe has a new baby brother, and he has become so solicitous and engaged in the little newcomer that he has been seriously neglecting to pay attention to Tilly.  He guards the fence line jealously if we approach to photograph the little guy, running from the barn yard if he sees any activity around the baby calf.  Mother and calf live on the other side of the fence, which is a good thing.

Avuncular Abe guards his babe . . . .

Avuncular Abe guards his babe . . . .

Looking back at Abe’s baby pictures, this little bull calf looks almost exactly like him.  Sired by black Angus bulls, they took their genetics from their Long Horn mom and she is so proud of her progeny!


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