Get your head in the clouds . . . .

Get your head in the clouds . . . .

Th Wyoming skies are constantly changing and so incredibly beautiful.  A mere camera cannot begin to capture the vastness of the images that envelope us daily.  A few recent shots:

Thunder and sun . . . .

Thunder and sun . . . .

These beautiful clouds aren’t always so benign and can bring with them torrential downpours of lightning, hail and rain.  This was the build-up for just such an evening and although I was lulled by the incredible vision in the sky, I began to prepare for the worst (vehicles inside the garage, hail buckets over flower pots, plastic sheeting over the tomato plants).

Heaven sent . . . .

Heaven sent . . . .

As the storm’s fury begins to subside, a beautiful sunset is forming.  Just another day in Wyoming!

3 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. We can never take for granted our wonderful day and night skies in Wyoming and here in Colorado, especially in rural places where the skies are unencumbered by unshielded city lights, tight neighborhoods where tall buildings and trees block the sky, the noise of traffic and neighbors keeps us inside, and black asphalt are the norm.


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