Springtime in the Rockies


Ethel shares my attitude . . . .

The last week of April and this is the best we can do?  We have had days of rain, snow, rain, snow, rain, snow–equal to about three inches of precipitation (according to neighbor Tom) and I’ve had enough!  I know, I know, “we need the moisture.”  It is the mantra for high desert living but after a relatively warm March (until the final week) April has been a bust.


Robin runway . . . .

I think the Robins are contemplating a quick departure south until it warms up a bit.  The road was clear of snow for a time, and I counted about a dozen standing around like they were waiting for something to happen.  Actually, I think they are awaiting the arrival of earthworms, who have been drowned out of the underground and are headed for a sidewalk or hard surface to dry out.


Feedlot stuffing his face . . . .

Feedlot doesn’t seem to mind the big flakes falling on his back–he has his nose buried in the tender green grass that is carpeting the creek bottom.  He likely won’t like what the end result is going to be.


Familiar terrain . . . .

Looking across the driveway at the snow is more than a little depressing.  The lilac trees in the background are showing no signs of spring.


A bridge to the other side . . . .

The dry creek bed that runs under this bridge will certainly be a lively little stream as soon as all this melts.  The snow on the roof of  the house collects in downspouts and empties into the creek bed along with the accumulation on the ground.  My brother made fun of my attempt at creating “Dry Creek” in the backyard and scoffs at my little runoff remedy.  But we all share the memories of the real “Dry Creek” at flood stage cutting us off from the road to town.  I’m getting ready.

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