“This isn’t much for hay!” . . . .

Abe, a.k.a Feed Lot, is caught in the goose pen, terrorizing them and tearing up three old bales of hay (and I mean OLD)!  He jumped over the fence day before yesterday and we had to open the gate to let him out, with a proper scolding, of course. Can you picture a 2000 pound steer jumping over a four-foot stock panel?  Yesterday, he pushed his weight against the stock panel that serves as the gate, and the rubber straps that held it in place gave way.  More mess, more hay scattered around.  The hay bales were placed in the pen to block the wind and snow in winter and to provide a little shade in summer.  They have become permanent fixtures, until now.


“Aw, I’m not hurting anything!” . . . .

Caught, he knows he isn’t supposed to be there.  Why is he in there?  The hay, as described, is ancient and unappetizing, even to an overweight steer.  He has to jump the fence or force his way through the gate–even though he has acres of good grass to eat–for a few bites of dried out, lousy hay.  So why does he go there?  Because he can.


Out of here, now!   “I’m going already” . . . .

Aha!   Abe has an accomplice.  Today,  after pushing through the gate, Tilly followed him into the goose pen to join in the fun.  She wasn’t interested in the hay, obviously deciding it didn’t meet her high standards, but she hangs out with Abe and was curious to see what all the excitement was about.


“She helped me!” . . . .

After this pair of bandidos struck, we determined something serious would have to be done.  The goose pen is in shambles and they will have to take up temporary quarters elsewhere for the night.  Since Abe is the perpetrator in all this wrong-doing, he is going to feel the sting of the sling shot once again and he knows full well it is punishment for something he shouldn’t do.  His tough old hide has bounced off more than one steel pellet.  They don’t injure him, but they sting like hell.  As for Tilly, well . . . . . . . . . . .she appears to be looking for mercy.


“Can I plead the 5th?” . . . .

I took pity on her (surprise!) and fed her a carrot if she promised never to follow Feed Lot into the goose pen again.  Yeh, right.  Today we begin to clean up the mess and re-build a safe enclosure for the geese to spend their nights.  But first, we have to deal with Abe’s standard calling card.


Abe never leaves his trail unmarked!   Ewwww . . . .

Life on the funny farm.

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