Just LeDoux It . . .


Good ride . . . .

A bronze statue of Chris LeDoux is dedicated to his memory and can be found in a small park in Kaycee, Wyoming.  This weekend, June 17, is the annual rodeo put on in his name by family and community members to celebrate Chris and the western tradition of rodeo.  While going through old photo files, I came across the shots I took at the 2013 rodeo and decided to have another look.


Who’s up? . . . .

A cowboy prepares to mount his bronc for an 8-minute ride or a toss into the arena dirt.  What can be more fun?  What a lineup of pure cowboy pulchritude!


Airborne . . . .

Even protective gear of a neck brace and padded vest won’t keep this guy from a few aches and pains next morning, if he is lucky.


Just like settin’ in a rocking chair . . . .

If he lasts until the whistle blows, a couple of cowboys will help this rider off his horse. The horse is trying to help him along a little quicker.


Trouble coming . . . .

Looks like a face plant coming.  Going to be a wreck.


Please, oh lord . . . . .

The view from up here is a little turbulent.  Can’t tell head from tail!


Man and beast . . . .

A little poetry in motion – looks like just about anybody could do it, right?  I don’t think so.


Never too young to get in on the fun . . . .

Rodeos are family fun and all ages get to compete.  This young lady is getting a little assistance around the barrels but next year she’ll be handling this horse on her own.


Cowboy down, holding our breath . . . .

These tough cowboys generally pop right up, swat the dust off with their hat and swagger to the fence.  They can usually count on a round of applause from the crowd for giving it a go, but not much else.


Bareback . . . .

The Indian relay races are a testament to their skill in mounting and riding their ponies without a saddle.


Fast and furious . . . .

The race around the arena moves at a swift pace and demonstrates the athletic ability of the men and their horses.


Spectators . . . .

The old time music uptown before the rodeo is a local favorite.


Charlie on mandolin . . . .


Strut your stuff, cowboy . . . .

Looks like the street dance is getting off to an early start with a solo performance!


Looks like it was a draw between cowboys and horses . . . .

The Chris LeDoux Rodeo for 2017 will be another great contest between the cowboys, cowgirls and critters.  Powder River, Let ‘er Buck!


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