Gone To The Birds

If I sing, maybe the girls will notice . . .

The birds are moving through on their spring migration and this sparrow looking into the kitchen window appears to be saying “what’s cooking?”

Drat! Where did that bug go . . . .

A Rufous-Sided Towhee is a regular visitor in the spring, and likes to eat seeds scattered on the ground and rummage in the dead leaves.

So pretty to look at . . . .

One of the more colorful springtime visitors is the Lazuli Bunting.  The male has the vibrant turquoise colors, while the female has just a trace.  Hardly seems fair!

Happy hour at the OK corral . . . .

These little American Goldfinches come by the dozens each spring and fill the treetops with their clear, light song, much like canaries.  They love the birdbath and line up to have a drink or a splash.

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