Tia Presents Her Filly Tilly

Be a lady and smile for the camera . . .

Eleven long months of waiting and we have our foal!  She is less than 36-hours old in this photo, and ready to embrace the world.  We named her Tahlequah and have nick-named her “Tilly” for short, although she will have more names when she is registered with the American Paint Horse Association.  Her sire is a beautiful black and white Tobiano paint, and mom Tia, although a solid color, was sired by a great sorrel Overo paint.  The joy and excitement of breeding a paint is the surprise package of color and variation!

These legs are made for running . . . .

“Tilly” is quick and nimble and is going to be a very active foal.  She was only hours old and trotting around the pasture.

Ah, lunch time.  Mother’s milk is the sweetest, most nutritious nectar of life.

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