Boys Will Be Boys

A friendly antler exchange . . .

A friendly antler exchange . . .

These young buck deer are part of a group of seven who have been grazing in the creek bottom during the cold weather.  They seem to enjoy challenging each other in games of locking horns, although it won’t get serious until late autumn when they compete for the attention of the does during mating season.  They seem to be wintering well, in spite of the recent drought and lack of grazing this past summer.  There are lots of leaves and twigs for them to browse on.

"Aw, that's kid stuff.  They know I'm No. 1!" . . . .

“Aw, that’s kid stuff. They know I’m No. 1!” . . . .

This big guy seems quite regal and aloof and doesn’t join in the games with the others.  He seems to be watching with some interest to see who wins.



1 thought on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Trish, now you really need some turkies to add to the menagerie. They fly to the tree-tops at night to sleep for ptotection.


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