This Hampshire is a Ham

"You woke me up for this?" . . . .

“You woke me up for this?” . . . .

Priscilla is becoming quite photogenic but isn’t terribly cooperative when it comes to striking the right pose.  She keeps rushing the camera as if she thinks that’s where she’s going to find her next meal.  She is either sleeping or ravenously hungry and it’s difficult to catch her in between as she darts round her new home searching for food.

"I think I'll just settle down for my nap" . . . .

“I think I’ll just settle down for my nap” . . . .

We moved her from the laundry basket to a rabbit cage that housed guinea fowl hatchlings and four goslings last winter.  She seems to enjoy having more room to roam and spends her few waking moments–when she isn’t eating–pushing a stuffed neck cushion around the floor of her cage.  We heat it in the microwave and it warms her and puts her right to sleep.  Apparently this firm, warm body is a replacement for her mother and siblings that she can snuggle up to.

"I'm not sure I like sitting in a coffee cup!" . . . .

“I’m not sure I like sitting in a coffee cup!” . . . .

To illustrate how tiny she is, we put her in a coffee mug for a photo opportunity.  She squealed and tried to wriggle loose but finally settled down long enough to snap a few shots.  She looks like she is somewhat resigned to suffering this indignity. She is very intelligent and last evening when I emptied the remains of her bottle into a little tray we hung from the wall of her cage, she wasted no time approaching it and drinking every last drop of it.  Throw away the bottle!  She’s on her way–next she’ll be wanting to dine at the table with us.

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