Nitchka and babes . . . .

The past two weeks have been filled with newborn mule deer fawns.  They come past the yard on the way to the pond in the evening for a drink, or they hang out back by the goose pen to grab a sip of water out of a tub we keep filled for the geese.  This doe has a notch in her ear from an injury of some kind, and we named her “Nitchka.”  She is very gentle, and before the fawns were old enough to accompany her,  she stood along the fence nibbling and watching us with her great dark eyes.


“Now this is quite tasty!” . . . .

This fawn was photographed out the bay window in our living room.  A fierce wind storm the night before blew down some branches out of the cottonwood trees overhead, which make for browsing.


“What do I see?” . . . .

I did not expect to capture all three in one shot–deer move along fairly quickly and the fawns are rarely close together or close to Mom.


A doe and fawn on the way to the pond . . .

Evening is a good time to watch the deer as they march to water.  Also, early in the morning they nose among the lilac and chokecherry trees for leaves and twigs.  This doe has only one fawn.


Snack time along the way . . . .


Got to scratch my tummy! . . . .


“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers!” . . . .


Nitchka keeps an eye on her twins . . . .


An added scene as the sun goes down in the west . . . .

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