Got lumps? . . . .

Disguised in a bumpy exterior, Ted tries to hide from notice and blend in with the rocks surrounding his favorite water hole.  His ubiquitous presence in the flower beds, rock gardens and even on the front porch became so common we took him for granted and had lengthy conversations with him as we watered, weeded and wandered around the yard.

IMG_7152 (2).JPG

“These pine cones are prickly!” . . . .

A bed of pine cones resting between two huge Ponderosa pine trees seems an unlikely spot for Ted, but he is full of surprises.  I never know when I will rest my hand on the ground while pulling weeds and he will suddenly hop into the air near my finger tips, startling me and eliciting a loud yell of surprise.


“Hey, that water is cold!”

Ted loves a bath in the old rock, but he likes his water a bit more temperate.  Not realizing he was lurking in the corner, I filled the rock with cold, fresh water.  The look he gave me says a lot.


“Ah, morning rays to warm me up!” . . . .

Ted appears to have gained some weight – he looks much larger splayed out on the rocks in the early morning sun.  We decided he is just expanding to catch more sunlight.  I don’t know what the reaction will be if he suddenly decides to hatch a bunch of little Teds.  A trove of toads?


“Don’t make waves!” . . . .

I shall miss my Ted talks when he leaves us for the annual hibernation.  A guy with this much personality leaves a void, you know?

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